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where to creat wealth would be better ?

The place where wealth is created is where there is a market! Where is the market?

1. People’s distress is the market for goods and services

Go deep into the masses, into the market, into the enterprise, into the organization, into the corners of society, to discover what they lack or what they are worried about now. The root of distress also comes from the selfish spirit, because they are in self-interest, self-care, self-preservation, self-pity, self-improvement, self-thinking, self-confidence, self-happiness, self-esteem, freedom and other selfish spirits and distress. With the development of the times, the distress that arises is constantly changing, and new distresses will appear. When there are problems, they need to be solved, and solutions are provided to those in need. These solutions are actually tangible and intangible products or services. And these spiritual attributes, if subdivided, will be tens of thousands of needs, and tens of thousands of products and services have been derived. Distress is an important reason for people in the society to produce various products and provide services. Distress promotes the development of productivity and social material life. People suffer from walking tired, invented the sedan chair, too hard to lift the sedan chair, invented the cart, and the cart is too slow to change to a much easier bicycle, the bicycle is also slow, the automobile is invented, the automobile is not too fast, the airplane, etc And will continue.

If you understand this principle, you will know that to create wealth, you need to find the people’s distress. Where there is distress, there is a market. When there is market demand, you need products and services. If you give products and services to satisfy them, you will create Value can also make money.

To sum up, the place of distress is the place where global production and life are backward, such as the third world countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where suffering is everywhere, so there are a lot of things in demand, and their own countries and regions cannot produce them, so Only buy, buy, buy. However, the purchasing power of this area is not enough, and the profits it brings are also low. Therefore, only a large number of orders can make money.

2. The place where happiness is pursued is also the birthplace of the market

Mankind’s pursuit of beauty and happiness is infinite. In order to pursue a higher standard of living, people need products and services that make people more relaxed and happy. The region that pursues happiness is the economically developed European and American regions. They have very high requirements on the quality of products and services, so they have relatively high requirements on suppliers, such as the need for various product certifications. They have strong economic strength and high consumption level.

The local currency circulation problem will still cause the wealth creation dilemma for most people. In this predicament, how to create wealth? The author believes that it may be necessary to find a place where currency circulation is relatively affluent in the local area. The currency circulation in the local market is abundance, that is, people there generally think that the business is relatively easy to do, they show a relatively strong willingness to consume, and they also have surplus money or liquid funds in their hands, so it may be justified to start a business or do a business in that environment. It's relatively easy.

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