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Create wealth through human value

Create wealth through human value

The value in human nature, everyone has value, what value can become wealth? In the spiritual realm, the spiritual value serves the private spiritual goal, and the material realm serves the physical quiet goal. So the carrier of value is as follows:

Rational spirit products and services

Public spirit products and services

Vicious spiritual products and services

Flesh Happiness Products and Services

Physical ascetic products and services

Material products and services

Products and services must serve to realize people's private spirit and physical quietness. Once the body and the spirit are in a state of anxiety, pain will surely occur, and then there will be needs. Need is to satisfy oneself with spiritual or material products provided by others.

For example, a company's private spiritual goals are unstable, and corporate management and profits are declining, so it needs the guidance of rational strategic consultants.

An enterprise's private spiritual goals are difficult, and the number of talented employees is insufficient, so it needs the support and cooperation of public-spirited talents.

If a company's private spiritual goal is threatened, and someone maliciously destroys the company, it needs a legal consultant with vicious spiritual power to deal with the matter.

When a person suffers from physical pain and develops a disease, he needs other people's material products such as medicine to treat it to restore normalcy.

A person who is physiologically uneasy and needs happiness will need others to provide happy stimulating products to make people happy.

When a person is physically overdrawn and needs to reduce physical labor, he can reduce his burden by purchasing other people's physical labor, so that he can achieve the goal of saving trouble or being quiet and lazy.

A person's value, in the process of economic activities and wealth creation, one must own one or several of them, otherwise there is no value in itself. Do you have material products, means of life and production for other people?

Can you make others physically happy with products and services?

Can you replace or reduce the manual labor of others?

Do you have strong vicious spiritual strength? For example, if you know martial arts, maybe you can be a senior bodyguard.

Do you have strong public spirit products and services?

Are you rational enough to guide and support others to achieve their goals?

If you have these parts, you are a valuable person who can provide your own products or services. Because other people are also humans, they have human nature. Human nature is inevitably lacking, and lacking will have needs. Satisfying the needs shows that you are valuable, and if you are valuable, you can obtain wealth in economic activities. A person is a relatively perfect person if all the spirits are strong, and all physical happiness and pain are taken into consideration. In real life, everyone knows that human intelligence is limited. At least there is rational knowledge representing different industries in the rational spirit. It is impossible for a person to understand everything in his life, and another person’s energy and physical strength are limited and impossible. To do everything, you need someone else's labor. Therefore, it can be said that everyone in the society can only focus on one area. Humanity factors must be missing in a large amount at a specific time. People will exchange different human values to make up for it. This is the formation of social division of labor and cooperation. Produce goods and services exchange.

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