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How to expand their value ?


--Human pattern affect the value of people

Human value is embodied in the development, production, sales, and public spiritual products or services. The greater the number of benefits to others, the wider the impact area, and the longer it is handed down, the more valuable it is. This is also the relationship between human value and pattern.

The pattern refers to the scope and length of time for people's spiritual service objects. as follows:

Some people use the spirit of publicity and thinking to serve themselves. They only serve one person, with the smallest structure.

Some people use the spirit of publicity and thinking to serve the family, the goal is the minority, the pattern is average.

Some people use the spirit of publicity and thinking to serve enterprises, organizations, or groups, the target is the public, and the structure is medium.

Some people use the spirit of publicity and thinking to serve the society, the goal is the country, and the structure is large.

Some people use the spirit of publicity and thinking to serve the world. The goal is for all mankind, and the structure is bigger.

In the same way, in terms of time, some people's pattern only focuses on one day, one year, ten years, decades, or a lifetime, so their pattern and value are constantly expanding.

We often say that if a person expresses lofty ideals and does a big thing, his thinking ability, vision, mind and structure are relatively large, it may be to serve the country or the world level, and the spirit of commonality and strong thinking is wisdom. . People with a small structure serve themselves, and they often accompany those with a small structure around them. They are entangled in trivial matters and quarrels constantly. In their eyes, firewood, rice, oil, salt, tea, soup, rice and vinegar are all major events. Private spirit and strong thinking are the same. Mortal wisdom. People with a small structure often worry about the small problems around them. They only know and focus on things. They are in self-interest, self-care, self-protection, self-pity, self-improvement, self-thinking, self-confidence, and self-happiness. , Self-esteem, freedom and other private spirits. The private spirit is the state of the ego, and the public spirit is the state of the self. When a person reaches the realm of "big self" and "non-self", his dreams and lofty goals no longer take the selfish spirit as the goal, but take the attributes of the direct public spirit as the goal to achieve altruism. If the structure is expanded to the national level, it will form ambitious goals such as benefiting the country and strengthening the country.

Therefore, to create wealth, and to create great wealth, your vision, thinking, and pattern must be enlarged, and your focus must be far away, not immediate interests. For example, if you make a meal that tastes good, eat it by yourself, and satisfy only yourself, you create less value, and the pattern is also small because it is only for yourself. If you cook it for everyone in the family, it will begin to have a greater value. If you cook this dish to open a restaurant, it will be of great value if more people can taste it. If your restaurant is open all over China With hundreds of branches, your food can be eaten by the people all over the country, and it will be of greater value. If you make it available to you all over the world, the value and pattern of your life will be even greater. Lao Gan Ma's Doubanjiang is like that, from a small meal of her own to the world.

It can be said that the performance of human value in a market economy is price. When people have value, their products and services can be sold at a price, and they have money wealth or influence. So the first step in creating wealth is to understand that your pattern determines the size of your wealth! And your wisdom, love and courage affect your pattern!

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