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The value of life and the essence of value

Featured paragraphs:

"The purpose of life is to live when there is no good economic foundation, and to live better with certain economic conditions, so as to achieve higher self-worth. If people are in a situation where the spirit of publicity is relatively weak and the level of thinking and cognition is not high, and the ability to create wealth is low, then they can only work down-to-earth and be a "screw" in society, but at the same time in long-term practice In the process, I continue to study hard and work hard. When the level of thinking, innovative ability and public spirit have accumulated to a certain level, I will plan a major event that is beneficial to society, the country, and mankind."

"The question is, what is a valuable person?

In today's society, the value of people is reflected in the ability to provide goods or services to others. The more goods and services provided, the greater the value, and the longer the time the goods and services are provided, the higher the value. When merchants or individuals provide goods and services to others, the increasing number of goods and the longevity constitute the brand value of the goods or services. Reversely, a good brand is to sell more and then persist for a long time. Taking a deeper look at the value of people is that goods and services must be met, and people’s private spiritual needs, otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve exchange and circulation, and they will become worthless goods and services."

"Therefore, the essence of value is a commodity or service that can satisfy the private spiritual attributes of human beings, which is the carrier of value. The essence of value is human material needs and spiritual needs. The theory from the book is to satisfy human instincts in society: self-interest, self-care, self-protection, self-pity, self-improvement, self-thinking, self-confidence, self-happiness, self-esteem, freedom, etc. On the other hand, the attributes of public spirit are the essence of value. They are: altruism, caring for, protecting, sympathy, strengthening , thinking about, liking, trusting , respecting, and being Controlled etc."

p.s, The translation may be inaccurate, but you can only understand the general meaning in an abstract.

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